What Do The Eyes Emoji Mean On Snapchat Stories? Explained In Simple Terms

Key Takeaways

  • The eyes emoji on Snapchat Stories shows how many times friends rewatched them.
  • Only Snapchat Plus members can use this feature.
  • It helps creators see how much people like their content.
  • It counts all rewatches but doesn’t show who watched it again or how many times.
  • You can turn this feature on or off in your Snapchat Plus settings.

Snapchat Plus is an advanced version of Snapchat. It charges a monthly fee and offers unique features like the Story Rewatch Indicator. This feature uses an eye emoji to show how often people have rewatched a story. It’s useful for content creators who want to see how engaging their posts are.

Subscribers also get perks like custom app icons, themes, and early access to new features. This upgraded service is excellent for users who want more from their Snapchat experience.

Understanding the Eyes Emoji on Snapchat Stories

what does the eyes mean on snapchat

Exploring the Eyes Emoji on Snapchat Stories, we start with the Rewatch Indicator. This tool shows how many times friends have watched a story again. Only Snapchat Plus members can use this feature. We will explain how to turn this indicator on or off. We will also examine how it differs from the usual viewing numbers on Snapchat, and why it’s useful for those who make content.

What is the Rewatch Indicator?

The Rewatch Indicator, shown as an eyes emoji, counts how many friends watch a Snapchat story more than once. This feature measures how interesting and engaging a story is. It shows who watched it the first time and who liked it enough to watch it again.

Each rewatch counts, even if the same friend watches the story many times. This information is helpful for content creators to see what parts of their content are most appealing.

How do you enable/disable it?

To manage the Eyes Emoji or Rewatch Indicator, on your Snapchat stories, start by going to your Snapchat Plus settings. First, make sure your Snapchat Plus subscription is active.

Open your profile and click the settings icon. Scroll down to ‘Privacy Controls’ and click ‘Story Settings.’ Here, you can turn the Rewatch Indicator on or off.

This lets you choose if you want to see who rewatched your stories, helping you control how you engage with your viewers and protect your privacy.

Difference between Regular and Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus offers some unique features not found in the regular version. For instance, the Eyes Emoji is exclusive to Snapchat Plus members. Here’s how it stands out:

  • Exclusive Access: Only Snapchat Plus users can see the Eyes Emoji, which shows how many times a story has been rewatched.
  • Better Insights: This lets creators know the number of rewatches, helping them understand audience interest.
  • Privacy First: It keeps viewer identities private while sharing how many times a story was rewatched.

Significance of the Eyes Emoji

eyes on snapchat story

The eyes emoji on Snapchat shows Plus subscribers how many friends rewatched a story. It doesn’t tell who or how many times someone watched it. This helps creators see how popular their stories are.

Available for Snapchat Plus subscribers

Only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, the eyes emoji tells you how often friends have watched your story again. This feature is excellent for people who post a lot because it shows their stories’ popularity and engagement.

Each eye emoji count shows a different person who has rewatched the story, giving you a clear idea of who is interested. This is especially useful for content creators and influencers who want to know more about their audience and plan their future posts to match their interests.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

Understanding the ‘Eyes’ emoji on Snapchat can be confusing. It simply shows how many friends have rewatched a story. It doesn’t tell you who they are or how many times they watched it.

Knowing this helps users understand what this feature on Snapchat Plus does and doesn’t do.

Common questions about the eyes emoji

Many Snapchat Plus users often ask about the eyes emoji on their stories. They want to know what it means about how people engage with their content. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It Doesn’t Count Every Rewatch: The emoji only shows how many friends have rewatched your story, not how many times each friend watched it.
  • It Keeps Rewatchers Anonymous: You won’t see the names of the friends who rewatch your story. This keeps their privacy safe.
  • Only for Snapchat Plus: This feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus members, highlighting the unique perks of the subscription.


In simpler terms, the Eyes emoji feature on Snapchat Plus helps creators know how often people watch their stories again. This allows them figure out what viewers like and plan future posts better. It also keeps viewers’ identities private, giving users more control over their content. Overall, it makes Snapchat more fun and engaging for everyone.

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