Understanding The Meaning Of The Purple Circle On Snapchat

Key Takeaway

  • Purple Circle means someone used fancy filters or effects in their Snapchat story, making it more fun to watch.
  • Purple Circle around Bitmoji: It tells you there’s a new story from a friend or someone you follow, so you might want to check it out.
  • Purple Circle around Quick Add: It shows you potential new friends suggested by Snapchat, so you can connect with more people.
  • Purple Circle with Lock: It means a story is private and only visible to specific friends chosen by the user, keeping things private and personal.

Snapchat uses a simple colour system to make spotting different types of content and interactions easy. Different coloured icons show different activities or messages. For instance, a blue circle means you have a new chat message, a red circle shows a new snap without sound, and a green circle means you’ve received money through Snapcash.

Deciphering the Purple Circle on Snapchat

purple circle snapchat

The purple circle on Snapchat means someone has added a story using filters or lenses. It’s different from the red circle, which shows a plain photo or video. If you see a purple circle around a Bitmoji or with a lock, it tells you more about who can see the story and the privacy settings.

What it means

  • Video Content: The story likely has a video with special effects or filters.
  • Engagement Level: It shows that people are actively watching the story.
  • User Interaction: It means you can watch the story again or reply to it.

Knowing this helps users get more out of Snapchat’s stories.

Difference between purple and red circle

It’s helpful to know the difference between purple and red circles on Snapchat. A purple circle means the story has a video or uses special effects like filters or lenses. This shows a more interactive or changed visual experience.

A red circle, on the other hand, shows more straightforward content like a regular picture or video with no added effects. Knowing this helps you understand what to expect before you watch it, improving your Snapchat experience.

Purple circle around Bitmoji

what does the purple ring on snapchat mean

Exploring Snapchat’s design, we see that a purple circle around a Bitmoji means there’s a new story you haven’t seen yet. This purple circle acts like a signal, telling you there’s fresh content waiting, which helps keep users engaged by highlighting new stories from friends or accounts you follow.

Understanding this can make your Snapchat experience better in a few ways:

  • Notification Prompt: Acts as a clear sign that there’s something new to see.
  • Engagement Tool: Keeps users coming back to check out the latest updates.
  • Social Interaction Enhancer: Encourages you to watch your friends’ stories, which might lead to more conversations.

These elements help make Snapchat more enjoyable and interactive.

Purple circle around Quick Add

By using ‘Quick Add,’ you can quickly grow your list of friends by connecting with other users suggested by Snapchat. These suggestions are based on who you both know or what the app thinks you might like. The purple circle makes these profiles stand out, helping you quickly see who you might want to add. Just tap on these profiles to send friend requests and expand your network on Snapchat.

Purple circle with a lock

When discussing Snapchat symbols, knowing that a purple circle with a lock means a private story is essential. Only friends chosen by the user can see it. This feature lets users control who sees their content, making sharing more personal. The purple circle with a lock is not just for privacy; it also helps make friends feel unique and more engaged.

  • Privacy Control: Only lets chosen friends see the story.
  • Exclusive Content: It makes sharing personal or sensitive stories with close friends safe.
  • User Engagement: Helps friends feel valued, boosting interaction.

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How to create a private story

To create a private Snapchat story, open the app and swipe left to access the Stories screen.

Tap the ‘+’ icon at the top-left. Select ‘Private Story.’

Snapchat will then ask you to pick friends who can see this story. Choose your friends, name your story to keep it organized, and you’re all set.

Any snaps you add will only be seen by the chosen people, keeping your moments private.

Meaning of purple lock ring

  • More Privacy: You can keep personal moments just between trusted friends.
  • You Choose Who Sees: You decide who can see these stories, making it safer and more personal.
  • Unique Content: Sharing with a small group often means more accurate and relaxed moments.


Understanding Snapchat’s icons and colours, like the purple circle, makes using the app better. The purple circle shows that someone used filters or lenses on their stories. This helps you see the difference between regular updates and ones with special effects. Knowing what each symbol means enables you to use Snapchat more effectively and meet your expectations about privacy and sharing. As Snapchat keeps changing, it’s essential to know these symbols to get the most out of the app.

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