What Is Snapchat Plus: Exclusive Features And Benefits Unveiled

Key Takeaways

  • Snapchat + is a paid version of Snapchat, costing $3.99 each month. It offers unique features to enhance how you use the app.
  • Subscribers get to try new features first, keeping them ahead in the world of social media.
  • Unique features include checking how often your stories are rewatched, pinning a top friend, customizing app icons and themes, and seeing a Friend’s Solar System.
  • This service targets Snapchat’s most enthusiastic users, aiming to increase their engagement and fun on the platform.
  • Advantages include more ways to customize the app, better interactions with friends, and quicker help from customer support.

Snapchat + is a paid version of the popular messaging app designed for its biggest fans. It offers unique features that aren’t yet available to all users, like seeing which friends rewatch your stories and viewing your friendship dynamics in a fun, space-themed display. This subscription helps users enjoy a more profound social experience with options to customize how the app looks with different icons and themes.

What Is Snapchat +?

Snapchat + is a paid upgrade of the well-known social media app Snapchat. It offers special features not found in the free version. This service is for dedicated Snapchat users who want to improve their social interactions, making Snapchat more personal and engaging.

Exclusive features

snapchat plus features

Here are some key new features:

  1. Story Rewatch Indicator – Let users see how many times their friends have watched their stories again.
  2. Best Friends Forever (BFF) – Allows users to choose their top friend on the platform.
  3. Custom App Icons/Themes – Users can change the app’s icon and theme to suit their style.
  4. Friend Solar System – Shows and ranks a user’s closest friends based on how much they interact.

How Does Snapchat + Work?

Snapchat + is an enhanced version of the regular Snapchat app that offers subscribers extra features for a monthly fee.

To sign up, users just tap the Snapchat+ banner on their profile within the app. This service is reasonably priced and available only in certain countries, making it unique for devoted users.

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Step-by-step guide to upgrade

Upgrading to Snapchat + is simple and can be done right from the app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the App: Start the Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. Profile Access: Click on your profile icon at the top-left corner.
  3. Snapchat+ Banner: Find and tap the Snapchat+ banner on your profile page. It’s usually easy to see.
  4. Subscription Activation: Follow the steps to sign up and start your Snapchat + subscription. Choose how you want to pay.

This straightforward method makes upgrading easy, so you can quickly start enjoying extra features.

Available countries

With more to come, snapchat + is now available for iPhone and Android users in select countries. This enhanced version offers additional features to better connect users with friends. Here’s where you can currently find Snapchat +:

CountryAvailability Details
United StatesOne of the initial places to get Snapchat +.
CanadaAlso in the early group, with all features available.
United KingdomUsers here can access the new features.
FrancePart of the rollout in Europe.

This table includes the countries where Snapchat+ is currently available and some details about its rollout in each location.

Benefits of Upgrading to Snapchat +


Upgrading to Snapchat + is excellent for Snapchat users who use it frequently. You get new features before everyone else, more ways to personalize your account, and a better overall experience. It’s a smart move if you use Snapchat frequently.

Early access to features

  1. Test New Tools: Try out the latest Snapchat features and give feedback before they’re released to everyone.
  2. Enhance Engagement: Use new features to connect better with followers and boost overall interaction.
  3. Stay Ahead: Keep up with the latest social media by using new Snapchat features first.
  4. Influence Development: Help shape future features by being part of the initial testing phase.

Personalization options

Snapchat + boosts user experience with rich personalization options. This includes custom app icons and themes that subscribers can use to change how their app looks. They can pick from various unique icons and colours to match their style.

This customization goes beyond looks, helping users showcase their unique identity within the app. Additionally, users can set it when their stories expire, enhancing privacy or keeping a story visible longer.

Improved user experience

Key Benefits Include:

  1. Exclusive Features: Members can access unique features like Story Rewatch Indicator and Friend Solar System, which are unavailable to all users.
  2. Fast Support: With less waiting, your problems and questions are solved quickly.
  3. Personalize Your App: Choose from unique app icons and themes to make your Snapchat look unique.


Snapchat + offers good value, especially for those who use Snapchat a lot. It gives users early access to new features and exclusive content. This makes the experience more personal and better. The subscription is priced to appeal to the most active users, helping Snapchat stay innovative. For anyone wanting to get the most out of Snapchat, Snapchat + provides extra features that regular accounts don’t have.

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