Who Is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend, Harper Hempel

Key Takeaways

  • Harper Hempel is a photographer and social media manager, trained in marketing at the Gatton School of Business.
  • She met Jamal Murray in 2016 at the University of Kentucky, where she played volleyball as a setter.
  • Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray have a solid and supportive relationship, even with their high-profile careers.
  • In 2020, a private video leak brought unwanted media attention, which they both addressed publicly.
  • Hempel runs her photography business and shares her work on Instagram, focusing on couples, portraits, and fashion photography.

Harper Hempel is a professional photographer and social media consultant. She’s well-known for her work and her relationship with NBA player Jamal Murray.

Hempel helps U.S. brands by creating strong images and managing online content. Her own projects include fashion photography and couple portraits, showing her broad skills and creative vision.

Being linked to a high-profile athlete like Murray has also brought her more public attention, influencing her career path.

Who is Harper Hempel?

Harper Hempel

Background and education

Born on August 31, 1997, in Union, Kentucky, Harper Hempel is known for her academic and athletic success at the University of Kentucky.

After graduating from Ryle High School, where she was a standout volleyball player, she continued the sport in college. Harper studied Marketing at the Gatton School of Business, focusing on digital media and marketing strategies.

She balanced sports and studies well, excelling as both an athlete and a marketing student. This foundation helped her move into a photography and social media management career.

Relationship with Jamal Murray

jamal murray gf

Jamal Murray, a well-known NBA player, has been with Harper Hempel since 2016. They met at the University of Kentucky. Harper was studying marketing and playing volleyball, while Jamal was focusing on basketball.

They have kept their relationship strong despite the demands of their high-profile sports careers. They usually keep their personal life out of the public eye but support each other’s careers. Harper uses her social media and photography skills to occasionally share glimpses of their life together.

Controversy surrounding leaked video

Harper Hempel faced a wave of unwanted media attention in 2020 when a private video from Jamal Murray’s Instagram was leaked after his account was hacked.

Here are the key points about the incident:

  1. Quick Action: Both Hempel and Murray asked everyone to delete and not share the video.
  2. Privacy Concerns: The leak showed the privacy issues that public figures often deal with.
  3. Support from Others: Many fans and people stood by them, supporting their right to privacy.
  4. Moving Forward: Hempel and Murray have since focused on overcoming this event and continuing with their personal and professional lives.

Harper Hempel’s Career and Social Media

Volleyball career at the University of Kentucky

During her time at the University of Kentucky, Harper Hempel stood out as a talented volleyball player. She played a vital role on the Kentucky Wildcats volleyball team.

Here are some key points from her volleyball career:

  1. Role and Position: Harper was a setter, a crucial position for team strategy and game flow.
  2. Performance Stats: She often led the team in assists, setting a personal best in one game.
  3. Leadership and Team Impact: Harper was instrumental in leading the team during tough matches and competitions.
  4. Recognition: Coaches, teammates, and fans all recognized her skill and hard work.

Career as a social media manager and photographer

With her background in marketing and digital media, Harper Hempel has built a thriving career as a photographer and social media consultant.

Based in Kentucky, she runs her own photography business, specializing in couple shoots, portraits, and fashion photography. Harper’s work stands out as she captures and shares the unique stories of her subjects through her photos.

She also manages social media for various U.S. brands, where she plans content, interacts with audiences, and boosts online visibility.

Her combined skills in art and marketing make her a valuable professional in both photography and social media management.

Presence on Instagram

Harper Hempel uses Instagram to share her photography and connect with more people.

  1. Photo Gallery: Her Instagram acts like an online gallery, showing her wide range of photography skills—from close-up portraits to wide outdoor scenes.
  2. Talking to Clients: She posts regularly, keeping in touch with both new and existing clients. She shares updates and a look at how she works.
  3. Promoting Her Work: Her posts promote her brand, showing off her skills and the unique aspects of her work, which attracts more followers and potential clients.
  4. Personal Touch: Now and then, Harper gives a peek behind the scenes and shares personal stories, making her connection with her followers feel real and personal.


Reflecting on Harper Hempel’s life, it’s clear she is a woman of many talents. From playing college volleyball to becoming a successful photographer and social media consultant, Harper shows her diverse skills and commitment. She has forged a unique path with a strong background in sports and business from her family. She balances her personal dreams with her public life alongside NBA star Jamal Murray.

Harper Hempel stands out for her resilience, adaptability, and dedication in her personal and professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray First Meet?

Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray met at the University of Kentucky. Hempel was on the volleyball team and Murray played basketball.

What Hobbies or Interests Does Harper Hempel Pursue Outside Photography?

Harper Hempel has many interests besides photography. She played volleyball and is skilled in social media management, focusing on digital marketing and branding.

Has Harper Hempel Ever Considered a Career in Sports Management?

Harper Hempel has not said she wants a career in sports management. She focuses on photography and social media consulting, where she has built her career.

What Are Harper Hempel’s Favorite Travel Destinations With Jamal Murray?

Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray keep their favorite travel spots private. They choose to keep details of their trips and personal moments to themselves.

How Does Harper Hempel Balance Her Professional Life With Her Personal Life?

Harper Hempel keeps her work as a photographer and social media manager separate from her personal life. She sets clear boundaries and manages her time well to make sure both areas get enough focus.

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